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Veg Box Program (CSA)

The Wise Earth Veg Box Program is a thoughtfully designed initiative that offers individuals & families a convenient way to access fresh, locally-grown produce.


Unlike traditional subscription-based programs, the Wise Earth Veg Box is

à-la-carte style, which allows individuals to shop online & customize a personalized box each week. This approach enables customers to curate their boxes to their preferences, cooking habits, and family size.


How to receive a Veg Box:

1. Place your order on a one-time or weekly basis through Local Line, our online sales platform, anytime between Monday and Wednesday.


2. Pick up your box every Thursday or Friday at the farm.


Kelowna Farmer's Market

The Kelowna Farmers' & Crafters' Market is a vibrant & popular market that hosts a diverse range of local vendors (farmers, growers, artisans, crafters, bakers, food producers). It is one of the largest & most well-known markets in the region and has been a staple of the community for 20+ years.


Beyond its role as a marketplace, the market serves as a community gathering place. It provides an opportunity for residents & visitors to socialize, connect, and celebrate the region's agricultural heritage.



Wise Earth Farm's wholesale service to restaurants, wineries and caterers is a collaboration that supports the culinary arts. 


We provide local businesses with the high-quality ingredients they need to craft exceptional dishes & beverages, while aligning with their values of freshness, quality, and local community support. 

Find out where you can enjoy our produce at local restaurants, wineries, cafés, breweries & caterers below.

Where to find our produce locally:

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