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1. What do you grow on your farm?

Over the course of one season, we grow 50+ different vegetables. We cultivate a wide variety of greens (gourmet lettuce blend, spinach, arugula), herbs (cilantro, dill, basil), root vegetables (radishes, carrots, beets), cool-weather-loving crops

(bok choy, broccoli, cauliflower), summer crops (cucumbers, tomatoes, ginger)

and micro-greens (sunflower shoots, peashoots). 

2. How can I purchase your products?

You can place an order through Local Line, our online sales platform, anytime between Monday-Wednesday for pick-up on ThursdayYou can also visit us at the Kelowna Farmer's Market every Saturday between 8am-1pm at the Landmark District.

You can place an order for your restaurant, winery, or catering company directly through Local Line. We will sign you up to receive the Wholesale Fresh Sheet. 

3. Are your products organic?

No, our products are certified naturally grown. We often describe our products as "beyond organic" because we uphold the highest standards of regenerative food production.

We do not use any synthetic herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers. 

4. What farming methods do you practice?

We practice regenerative farming methods that aims to support soil health on a microbiological level. We implement crop rotation, cover cropping, and regular compost top dressing & avoid tilling the soil by using tarps and non-invasive weeding methods. We prioritize water conservation by irrigating the field with Mission Creek water & focus on minimizing food waste by composting or donating to the

Kelowna Food Bank & Community Fridge. 

5. Do you offer any educational programs or workshops?

We are planning to host educational programs, workshops, and farm tours to engage with our community and share in our passion for farming & food in the near future.

Check our the 'Events' page of our website to learn more.

6. Are you open year-round?

We are open seasonally, with our availability depending on the growing season. Typically, we have produce listed for sale starting in April & ending in November.

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