What is a Veggie Box Program?


Our weekly Veggie Box Program offers our community members a way to access a broad range of fresh, delicious, organically grown veggies and herbs from us here on the farm. It works like an online farmers' market, where we send out a weekly reminder/order form, you place your order, and then pick your veggies and herbs at selected times here at the farm. 


How it Works:

Sign Up for our Veggie Box Program program (make an investment and give us your contact info)

 Receive a weekly update/order form Thursday evenings with a list of fresh vegetables and herbs available

 Place your order by 10pm Sundays (minimum $15 per order)

 An automatic confirmation will be sent out once your order has been received

Orders are ready for pick-up by 3pmTuesdays here at the farm (Tuesdays 3-6pm, Wednesdays 3-6pm or Fridays 3-6pm)


How Much Does it Cost?

Our Veggie Program is super flexible when it comes to investment. With factors such as family size, and individual eating habits we have customers that invest anywhere from $100 (minimum requirement) to $500 at a time. We ask that our customers invest what they can, and plan to use up their investment throughout the season. We charge fair market prices for our veggies and herbs and aim to offer the best quality product that is equitable for both you, the consumer and us, the farmers.  We accept cash, cheque, and e-transfers.


How Often do I Have to Order?

Once you’ve signed up with us and made your investment you will receive a weekly update/order form and it’s entirely up to you whether you order from week to week or not. There is no obligation as to how often you order, to accommodate travel, summer holidays, and unforeseen circumstances. All we ask is that you use up your investment with us throughout the season.


What's in a Veggie Box?

Every week throughout the growing season we send out an update/order form for you to choose from. You order what you want and how much of each product (minimum $15 per order).  We grow an excellent, broad range of vegetables and herbs throughout the entire growing season. Visit our vegetable table to see which vegetables and herbs we grow and their availability throughout the season.


Veggie Box Sign Up Form


                         *Recommend a friend to our CSA program and receive a $10 credit*