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Wise Earth Farm is a small scale, Biologically-Intensive farming operation located at KLO Rd and the Mission Creek Greenway in Kelowna, BC.  We offer our community an excellent array of nutritious and flavorful produce throughout our local growing season.  By honoring the wisdom of nature and utilizing biological farming practices we aim to provide amazing produce while at the same time creating a truly sustainable farming business model.  Our produce is available through our weekly on-line Veggie Box ordering program and Saturdays between 8 am and 1 pm at the Kelowna Farmers and Crafters Market.  You will also find our produce on the menus of several local restaurants and wineries throughout the Central Okanagan Valley.


Our Farmers

John Hofer

John Hofer - Kelowna FarmerJohn grew up on a conventional, large-scale farm in Alberta, where his family grows grains and pulses and raises a variety of livestock. He left the farm in his late teens wanting nothing to do with farming, and finding work in the petroleum industry and later building scenery for stage and movie sets. After traveling in Asia and Australia, and across Canada, John came to the Okanagan in the mid 2000's, and fell in love with the climate and active lifestyle. After years of working in construction, growing a garden, and shopping almost exclusively at the local Farmers' Market he found himself longing to work full time with the land. Learning that he could farm without owning land, he immersed himself into bio-intensive farming techniques and started farming in 2010. John is in charge of all our major farming operations including direct seeding, field maintenance, construction, machinery and sales, and marketing.  John is passionate about the connection of food to our everyday life and plans to share his knowledge of farming with people around the world.

Brenda Paterson

Brenda Paterson - Kelowna FarmerBrenda grew up in North Vancouver where her passion for nature began in the rich forests of theNorth Shore. In the early nineties, she came to the interior of BC and fell in love with the Okanagan Valley's desert landscape. Many seasons were spent picking fruit, mostly for the love of being outside in the fresh air and sunshine, and to be able to sleep under the stars at night. The birth of her son Cameron in the late brought her to settle in Kelowna where she began growing her own garden and learning the benefits of natural medicine and holistic nutrition. Brenda is in charge of our nursery, transplanting, and processing operations.  She is in the process of becoming a Soil Foodweb Consultant with Dr. Elaine Ingham at Life in the Soil.  Brenda plans to share her knowledge and experience with farmers in her local community to build strength and resilience in food production.


Our Farm Team