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Wise Earth Farm (est. 2011) is a two-acre, micro scale, urban vegetable farm located at the corner of KLO Rd and Mission Creek in Kelowna, BC. We grow a large variety of delicious, organically grown veggies and herbs throughout the entire growing season here in the Central Okanagan and are always pushing the boundaries to extend the availability of our products throughout the year. We farm using regenerative agriculture principles which is an approach to food and farming that regenerates soils and increases system biodiversity.  We believe that growing delicious and nutritious food comes from the health of the soil that produces it.  We implement these ideas by making and applying compost and it’s teas, with minimal tillage, and by mulching long-term crops. We are blessed to be adjacent the Mission Creek and have its waters as the main irrigation source for our crops. And by enhancing the biology in our soil, densely planting our crops, and drip irrigating, we are able to conserve large amounts of this water every year.  At Wise Earth Farm we are working to create an environmentally sustainable, socially responsible farm-business model that is equitable for us farmers, our workers, and our community.



John Hofer

John Hofer - Kelowna Farmer

John is co-owner/operator of Wise Earth Farm, in charge of all major farming operations. With the mind of an engineer, John loves improving on tools and creating more efficient operating systems.  He brings strength to our farm with forecasting, crop planning, and excellent record keeping.  John is the guy that works closely with local chefs, keeping them up to date on what’s happening here on the farm.  John grew up in rural Alberta on a large scale farm, growing grains, pulses, and vegetables, and raising a variety of livestock. His background is in machinery and construction. Living in the Kelowna area for the past twelve years now, John has made BC his home. John’s a super serious guy. And he’s serious about farming. 

Brenda Paterson

Brenda Paterson - Kelowna FarmerBrenda, along with her partner John, is co-owner/operator of Wise Earth Farm, in charge of all nursery, greenhouse and processing operations. Originally from North Vancouver, she has been living in the Okanagan Valley for over twenty years.  Brendas' background is in the field of natural medicine and holistic nutrition. A lover of nature and playing in the dirt, farming was a natural fit for her to fall into. Brenda is passionate about regenerative agriculture and has completed her studies in soil microbiology and is in the process of becoming a consultant with Soil Foodweb.  As a consultant, Brenda plans to work with other farmers around the world to improve soil health, system biodiversity, crops' nutrition and yields, and farmers' incomes.

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